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Akita Profile
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Rescue Info
                      ~~General Information~~      **New Links**

Official American Standard                      Akita Temperament
The Akita Network                                  Akita History
Akitas 4-U?                                          
Akita Rescue                                        
Akita Confirmation Chart                                                            

                     ~~Clubs And Organizations~~

Akita Club Of America (ACA)                 American Kennel Club (AKC)
United Kennel Club                               Akita Clubs
Canadian Kennel Club                         

                            ~~Akita Breed Publications~~

Akita World Magazine                           Dog Owners Network - Akita Books                   


Arthitis & Rimadyl:  Good or Bad?           Rimadyl Side Effects
Glucosamine & Chondroitin                    Arthritis Therapies

Barf (Raw Diet) For Beginners               K-9 Challenge Supplements**           
Dog Food Comparison Charts               The Dog Food Project                             
10 Secrets About Pet Food                  Feeding Programs & Articles
Natural Canine-Raw Feed FAQ's         
Raw Meaty Bones
Pet Dog Food - Ingredients                  Glucosamine & Chondroitin
Ester-C                                              Consumer Lab Glucosmaine Study


The Natural Akita                                    Sensory, Emotonal & Social                     
Vet Info                                                  Development Of The Young Dog
Allergies FAQ
Rachel Peeples, DVM                              Separation Anxiety
Natural Holistic Sites
Cornell Veterinary Medicine                      Jean Dodds, DVM
Merck Veterinary Manual                          Myrna Milani's Dog Articles
Deafness                                               Care For Animals
Spaying & Neutering                               Dr. Goodpet Natural Pet Pharmacy
Akita Club-Geriatric Info                         Rabies Vaccinosis Alert

Epilelpsy And Your Pet                          Dogs Adverse Reactions              
Rabies Questions & Answers                 Understanding Blood Chemistry Panels    
Vaccines-Are They Safe For Your Dog?              
           ~~Pemphigus Foliaceus (Pemphigus)~~

HHS-Pemphigus Foliaceus                      International Pemphigus Foundation              FAQ  

                        ~~Hip Dysplasia & Joints~~

OFA                                                         Canine Hip Dysplasia
Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Resources              Penn Hip
Ebow Dysplasia                                       

                               ~~ACL Injuries~~

Traditional Repair Techniques                  

                      ~~Sebaceous Adenitis (SA)~~  

Successful Treatment for SA                     
Sebaceous Adenitis                                  Taka's Story-An SA Diary
What Is SA                                             
                            ~~Eye Problems~~  
What is Cerf?                                         
Uveodermotologic Syndrome
Genetics In Blindness                           


           ~~Volt-Koyanagi-Harada's Disease (VKH)~~

VKH Forum                                                 VKH Testing
VKH Eye Symptoms                                    VKH Diary
VKH Definition & Treatment

                      ~~VonWillebrand's Disease~~

Genetic Test For VonWillebrand's

Bloat & Torsion                                            Gastric Torsion In Dogs
Dog Owners Guide To Bloat                          Bloat - Early Warning Signs

                          ~~Thyroid Problems~~

Hypothyroidism and Dogs                          Behavioral Changes Assoc. w/Thyroid
Canine Thyroid                                         Dysfunction

                     ~~Breeders And Breeding~~

The Reality Of Breeding Dogs                    Breeders Participating on Q&A Forum  
Classified Ads                                           12 Commandments Of A Resp Breeder
Dog Owners Guide To Finding A Responsible Breeder
Myths & Facts Of Finding Good Breeder      Puppy Lemon Law States**
Recognizing An Unethical Breeder
How To Recognize A Puppy Mill                
So You Want To Be A Breeder                                
Spartan's Story-Puppymills/Petstores
Puppy Buyer Beware!/Reading                  


Behavior Problems - Wonder Puppy     Kids & Pets 
Overview Of Training Collars                Online Clicker Training Classes
Who's In Charge Here?                       ADTN Crate Training
Safe Kids/Safe dogs                         Canine Behavioral Assessment
Alpha Boot Camp                              Questionnaire
Dog Problems                                   APDT Trainer Search
Introducing A New Dog                      Puppy Intro's To Older Dog In Household
What Is Crate Training?                                  
Crate Training                                 


                                ""Fear Aggression""

Drugs, Aggression & Anxiety

                             ""Dominance Aggression""
Dominance Aggression Part I                       Dominance Aggression Part II     
Early Recognition & Prevention                     Impulsivity In Dogs  
Teaching Deferential Behavior                      When Bowser Decides Whos Boss

                         ~~Showing Dogs~~

Titles & Abbreviations
Training The Show Puppy                      Akitas In Agility
Show Dog SuperSite                             Akitas In Obedience
Jr. Showmanship                                 Superintendents
Onofrio Dog Shows                              Handlers
AKC Contact Numbers                        Conformation
AKC Akita Color Codes                       Akita Point Schedule


The Rainbow Bridge                              Pet Loss Poems - Healing List
Rainbow Bridge Video

                     ~~Mail Lists & Forums~~

Akita L                                                 AOL Akita Message Board
Akita Show Dogs                                  Akita Breeders-Show
Akita Network E Mail List                      Natural Akita
Akita Question & Answer Forum          


Anti Freeze Poisoining
Toxic Plants & Foods                  


                              ~Internet Resources~~

John The Leash Man                              Clay Kennels**
The Akita Network                                 Shipping Dogs                                 
Akita Shopping                                     Myrna Milani's Dog Articles
Dog Bite Law                                        Akita Gifts, Collectibles & Products
Akita Question & Answer Forum            Animal Pastels
Akita Rescue Organizations                  Japanese Names
JP Teez, Etc.....                                  Akita Headquarters Pedigree Database
Meet Akita Owners In Your Town          Posting Videos Of Your Akitas
Drawings/Paintings Of Your Akita        

                   ~~Emergency First Aide Info~~

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Glass

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