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Kumikko Akitas
We are located in the central valley of California and have been involved with the Akita Breed since 1989.  We have been involved in showing, limited breeding and most of all, enjoying  our Akitas  as loyal companions, and making them a very important part of our pack. 
I fell in love with this Breed in the late '70's when I saw my first Akita in a petstore.   I knew at that moment when the time was right, this would be the breed of dog I would surround myself with.
In January 1989 we brought home our first Akita Kuma, who honored us with his unconditional love and devotion, and the rest is history, we have been owned by Akitas ever since.
The Akita is NOT a breed for everyone, so please do your research before bringing that beautiful puppy into your household.  You will find valuable information on our links page regarding the Akita breed.
If after considerable research and thought you decide the Akita is the breed for you and your family, please consider a reputable breeder or Akita Rescue, NO pet store puppies please!
We hope you enjoy our website and that you find the information you are looking for.  If you have any questions regarding our Akitas or Akitas in general please feel free to email us and take a moment to sign our guestbook while you are here!
           If you have questions, problems, need advice, or just love to talk about Akitas, come join us at the  Akita Question & Answer Forum
Pictures of your Akitas can be included in your posts and are welcomed!

For more information about myself and my husband and our passion for our Morgan horses, please click here!
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